Monday, 12 November 2012

Heating - Phase One

Sunday weather was promising - sunny and warm all day. With the stern in the sunshine work began. The mounting plate for the Eberspacher was fitted, then the unit and hoses. Finally the electrics were passed through the bulkhead into the Fuse cabinet.
Unfortunately, this layout leaves the pump a bit exposed, so I might turn it through 90 degrees and make a new hole for the hose about 8 inches to the left. Other than that it all looks pretty good. Cutting the hole for the exhaust through 6mm of steel is proving challenging. A 40mm hole is required. Just bought a couple more 40mm hole cutters as the first one only lasted about 2.5mm through! Now that the majority of the outside work has been done the rest can be done when the more inclement weather arrives.

Below Church Lock all the lock gates are now padlocked to stop traffic because winter lock maintenance in the Froxfield Flight has started. This means we have lots of extra boats in the pound, probably until Christmas!
Boats as far as the eye can see...