Monday, 25 March 2013

New window blind

The kitchen window blind was looking a bit tatty and faded. Mum decided it should be replaced and kindly paid for it. Here it is - fitted and it matches the one on the other side.
Thank you Mum!!!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

When will the weather improve?

It's gloomy, dull and grey. The weather forecast is for more heavy rain, then very cold. Can't be bothered to move today. I will stay in where it is lovely and warm. Got plenty of food, drink and things to do. I can catch up on the Forum messages, do a bit of washing, read, watch the wildlife - hang on a minute - what wildlife, they've sought shelter too.
If it brightens up at all I might just wrap up warm and have a short stroll.
I suppose I could just take a picture of the greyness, but then, what's the point!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Sunday surprise!

Came up to Constance Saturday afternoon late on after seeing family at home, then shopping etc. Loaded the boat by dodging between the heavy rainshowers and settled down for an evening of amateur radio. Did a bit of reading too. There was a hire boat moored opposite and he had his engine running until well after I went to bed. I guess that, unlike me, he had no other form of heating. I was toasty warm.

What a surprise to wake up to on Sunday morning, no I do not mean just that the hire boat's engine was running again, SNOW! And quite a bit of it.

The snow continued to fall throughout the morning, then it rained for a while. By 4pm it was sunny again and the solar cell was doing its stuff. The hire boat's engine was still running...

Monday, 4 March 2013

First weekend aboard - this year...

Judy and I both came to Constance this weekend. Between us we tidied up from the work that I had done over the winter period and generally got things 'ship-shape'.
I started the engine (first time!) and we motored gently down to Bedwyn Wharf.
Here we emptied the rubbish, recycling, put the excess logs in to the back of the car. Removed tools and other clutter to the back of the car, filled with water. Used the generator and the home vacuum cleaner to do a 'good job' of cleaning up inside.
After all of this we motored gently back to our mooring.
Sunday was a lazy day!