Monday, 24 September 2012

Semington to Rowde

Saturday looked as if it was going to be a nice day, but the forecast for Sunday was dire. We went to Semington on Friday evening after work in preparation for our continued journey eastwards.
Saturday did turn out nice. Semington, up two locks, then over the busy A350 on the new aqueduct, then two (or is it three?) swing bridges to Seend. Looking at the time, we needed to carry on, so, up through the five locks at Seend.
This is Sells Green Swing Bridge...
Then on to Sells Green. This always looks like an utterley idyllic spot to me. Maybe it is because we have always been through when the sun was shining!
Then on past Foxhangers to the start of the hill. Only six locks to go until we reach our mooring for the night. Good place to stop in preparation for the Caen Hill ascent. I caught a bus back to Semington to collect the car.
Sunday - it rained! Lit the fire to keep warm and sat and read various books, papers and did puzzles.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Bradford-on-Avon to Semington

Sunday looked as if it was going to be a lovely day again. Our visitors of yesterday had left us in the evening to go their separate ways. After a little bit of shopping we headed up to Bradford-on-Avon lock and into the mayhem. There seem ot be masses of people, lots of them wandering around with windlasses in their hands but nobody knowing quite what to do. It was very busy. The lock was empty, someone had just come out. Another boat was in front of me, so we both went to go into the lock gates when they were suddenly closed on us. After a bit of hard astern and some hasty mooring to the far bank, the gates were eventually opened and we went in. Judy and Alison had organised some of the people controllong paddles and gates and sorted everything out. We managed to get through the lock, pick up crew and made our way out of the pandemonium to the more tranquil waters heading for Semington.
It is always very busy at Bradford-on-Avon Lock. There are always plenty of boats and plenty of on-lookers.
Not long before we are on our way through the Wiltshire Countryside on our way to Semington.

Bath to Bradford-on-Avon & an Eighteenth!

You can often see hot air balloons flying over Bath in the early evenings. This one flew just over us...
Followed by a few more...
They are always a colourful sight.
Early next morning we were joined by Nicky & Bethan and David & Holly for the journey from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon. As it was Bethan's 18th Brithday we are all able to celebrate this with her. The weather was absolutely perfect for out trip through Bathampton and on to Dundas Basin. Passengers were encouraged to disembark and go an have a look at the Aqueduct whilst more menial tasks were attended to!
A view of Dundas Aqueduct that is probably rarely seen by boaters. You have to get off your boat and walk to the far side, then down a set of narrow steps. The view is worth it. The River Avon flows gently under the arch on its way to (funnily enough) Avonmouth.
Guess who's 18? Bethan, Alison, Judy, David & Holly, Nicky took the photograph and I was doing the loos back at the Wharf.
A view of the downstream side of the Aqueduct.
This is more like the view most boaters have of the Dundas Aqueduct as we cross Eastbound.
Shortly after Dundas, if you are heading towards Bradford-on-Avon there is this piece of Art, hanging from a tree. It has been there a few years and I hope it remains there.
A rare photo of me! Somewhere between Dundas and Avoncliff. As yo ucan see it was a beautiful day.
Two photos of me! Not so rare now. Crossing Avoncliff Aqueduct. Passengers were put ashore to walk over the Aqueduct, look at the weir and buy ice-creams.
And so we made out way to Bradford-on-Avon and moored behind the Tithe Barn for the night.
It was Bethan's 18th Brithday - we all wished her a Happy Birthday and the cake was duly cut and shared.