Saturday, 7 March 2015

The turning of the Solar Panel

At Oxford we have come as far south as we will this winter season. We are now turning northwards and will be heading that way for some time now. The solar panel has now been turned round to gather as much of the suns rays as it can.
The plan for the next few months is to head up past Thrupp, Banbury and Napton then on towards Leamington Spa, Warwick and Birmingham.
So much to look forward to!

Weekend in Oxford

Judy and I came up to Kidlington from home to enjoy a weekend in Oxford and that we certainly did!
When we arrived on Thursday afternoon we offloaded the car and put it all on the boat, then went shopping at Kidlington Sainsburys before setting off down the canal. As it was getting late we stopped just above Dukes Lock for the night.
Friday morning - the start of a beautiful day, just above Dukes Lock
Dukes Lock - the way out to the River Thames
Friday morning we set off down the canal all along past the Agenda 21 moorings (which seem to go on forever) until we eventually arrived at Isis Lock. Whoaa! The sign says maximum turning at the end of the canal is 30 feet. Oh well, if the worst comes to the worst I will have to reverse out although I am sure someone told me I'd be OK at 36 feet. It was a tight turn and, yes, you can turn, but 37' is about the very maximum. I had to jump off and push us round.
Judy operating the lift bridge
The end of the canal stops at Hythe Bridge Street so it is only a few hundred yards into the city centre and we had arrived in time for lunch.
The view from Hythe Bridge Street
Our son, David, lives and works in Oxford so it was an ideal time to meet up and have an escorted tour of the city. On Friday evening we went and had a curry in a restaurant on the Headington Road as recommended by one of his Environmental Health Food Inspectors and it was good. Then there was time for a bit of a (half pints only for me) pub crawl to see some of the little out-of-the-way pubs in Oxford.
On Saturday we went and spent a few hours in the Pitt-Rivers Museum then walked around to see a number of the old colleges. Unfortunately - Hogwarts was closed! In the evening we had a meal at an Italian Restaurant before setting of on another mini pub crawl.
The courtyard of the Bodleian Library
Sunday was a better day weather-wise so we walked along the Thames from the Station down to the Boat Houses and watched the 'Eights' in training. Sunday evening was Fish & Chips and an early night.
Unusual! a railway swing bridge!
Boat Houses
The Head of the River Pub
Monday morning was bright with a cold wind as we set off northwards.