Saturday, 16 December 2017

Probably the last one...

I can see that I have not blogged since well back in the summer. This will probably be my last blog as I find I am tending to put more on to Facebook and more people seem to read my Facebook page.
Colin North on Facebook.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sex on the towpath!

Spotted these two on the towpath!

I did not disturb them...

Saturday, 12 August 2017

That's as far as we went...

We turned right at Fradley Junction and joined the T&M heading towards Burton. There were volunteer lockies assisting our downward passage which was helpful. We went on to Alrewas and stopped before the lock by the A513 road bridge.
We walked into the village and found the shops (closed as it was Sunday evening). We visited the church and walked along the canal to see the Trent meeting and leaving the canal. The Trent was flowing quite well and those coming upstream were having to work hard.
Alrewas village

Alrewas village

Alrewas Church

Alrewas Church

Alrewas village old house

The river Trent looking upstream

Going under the towpath footbridge

And joining the canal

Bit of a chug going upstream

We were being watched
 Then we dropped down through Alrewas lock and turned round in the winding hole and back up through the lock again. We headed back towards Fradley Junction
The lowest of the Fradley Locks

Not much headroom here!
Then we stopped at Fradley and had a good look round. It was a nice day so we had an ice cream (this is quite rare for us). Then we turned south, back on to the Coventry Canal.

Hopwas to Fradley Junction

We returned to Hopwas to re-join Constance. As we had arrived late in the day we ate at the Tame Otter, very good it was too!
We set off northwards towards Fradley Junction.
The Tame Otter (behind Ryebank)

The signpost at Huddlesford Junction

The stub of canal at Huddlesford, used for mooring.

The marina just south of Streethay


Streethay wharf

The arrival at Fradley Junction
Fradley Junction was busy in all three directions. We took on water before joining the Trent & Mersey Canal.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tamworth and beyond...

We went back to Marston Junction and moved slowly northwards on out journey. We passed through Nuneaton. We stopped by the wide bit to look at the little parade of shops that face the canal. Some were slightly derelict, some were closed. The open ones were a Polish Store and a flower shop. We weren't going to get a meals anywhere near there...
We moved to just above Springwood Marina and had a quiet night in the countryside.
The next day we moved on to Atherstone and went shopping. Down the Atherstone flight and stopped, again in the open country just above Lock 10.
The following morning we called in at the Bradley Green services before stopping at Polesworth, by the playing fields. We went for a walk around Polesworth and saw the site of the Abbey etc., unfortunately the church was closed (even though it said it was open).
During our stay at Polesworth we caught a bust back to Nuneaton and then to Bedworth (Marston) to collect the car and took it to Hopwas. Then we took the boat to Hopwas.
I don't think I took any pictures, must have forgotten!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

and back!

We enjoyed the Ashby canal with its rural nature but we had to find public transport to get us back to our car which was at Fenny Compton Wharf. (more of that later)
 We visited 'The Battlefield Line' (1485) and saw this lovely little Hunslet Saddle Tank locomotive arrive at Shackerstone Station.
A beautiful 'Midland Railway' motif in the wall

They use 'dirty coal' - loads of smoke as it made its way back down the line.

Shackerstone Church

Shackerstone Wharf

Stoke Golding Church

and inside
To get back to Fenny Compton using public transport:
1 - Catch a bus as Bedworth to Coventry City Centre
2 - Catch a bus to Rugby Clifton Road
3 - Catch the Leamington Spa bus and get off at Southam outside the 'Bowling Green' pub. By now is was hissing down with rain.
4 - Phone the taxi firm you had looked up on the Internet (only to find they had gone bust), talk to locals in the pub whilst sheltering from the rain. Organise taxi to Fenny Compton Wharf.
5 - Arrive at Fenny Compton Wharf.
It took about 4 hours to make the journey but with our OAP Bus Passes the only cost was a tenner for the taxi. Shouldn't grumble.
6 - Get in car and drive back to Bedworth. (40 minutes) in time for tea!

Up the Ashby Canal...

We turned off the Coventry Canal at Marston Junction and started off up the Ashby Canal. We had not been here before. A very rural canal which reminded us of parts of the rural Kennet and Avon canal.
Turning at Marston Junction

Sutton Cheney facilities (very welcome!)

A Hare, one of several we saw in that field

Market Bosworth Church

and inside

a cue for an overture?

Snarestone Tunnel

The winding hole

Currently the last bridge

Currently the end.
It does look hopeful that the canal will eventually be linked up with Moira. According to the local, everything is in place, including most of the money. If the extension does happen in our lifetimes we may well visit the Ashby again.