Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A strange occurrence...

I had a text today, from British Waterways Moorings Department telling me that my boat appears to have been broken into and that they have informed the Police. On phoning the Police, they confirm that more than one boat at Great Bedwyn has been broken into and mine was one of them. They had already sent a CSI (sounds like a tv program) and would I be able to visit the boat and check for damage and missing items.
Needless to say, I was on my way...
I arrived at the boat and confirmed that the front doors of the cabin had indeed been forced open and there was some minor damage done to the woodwork around a door bolt. The security chain was off and dangling. The rear doors were still padlocked as normal.
On the journey I imagined the worst, as one does. What could have been 'nicked'? What items of value are kept on board?
With trepidation I entered the boat by unlocking the rear entrance. Everything was as it should be I spent about half an hour gently working my way through the boat. I could find there to be nothing missing. Nobody had even slept on the bed!
So, it would appear that someone had broken in and taken nothing. Hopefully that means that I got away with that one! Phew!
I secured the front doors by another means, then locked them, locked the back doors and came home, feeling relieved.
Strange things happen, don't they!

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