Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ratty and friends

Wildlife is abundant along our wonderful canal system. We have enjoyed watching the little black bundles of fluff that are Moorhen chicks. We have watched mother duck herding her brood together and getting them to paddle in one direction with her continuous quiet chatter.
Kingfishers are an occasional treat. We can usually work out where their fishing perches are, so if a photographer wanted to 'stake-out' a kingfisher, I am sure we could help.
Water voles are stated to be our most endangered mammal and indeed we do not normally see them, so it came as a pleasant surprise that, whilst duck watching, we saw movement on the far bank immediately opposite our mooring. It was 'Ratty' & 'Mrs Ratty' busying themselves along the bank, through the vegetation, with occasional trips into the water. Regrettably too far away for a photograph.
Later in the evening we went for a walk around 'Freeman's Marsh' and were delighted to see another water vole sat on the abundant floating water weed. Three within an hour and within half a mile!

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