Friday, 31 August 2012

Bradford-on-Avon to Bath

During our stay at Bradford-on-Avon we found one of the gold post boxes and just had to take the 'obligatory' photograph:
Judy and Alison by the Gold Post Box in Bradford-on-Avon
To celebrate the Olympic success of local lad Ed McKeever who was signing autographs among the throng!
We went on a walk around Bradford-on-Avon (highly recommended) following a free guide map. We went through some of the back lanes and saw many of the historical sites/sights including St. Mary Tory on the side of the hill overlooking BoA.
St.Mary Tory above the Hermitage, overlooking BoA.

Then came the time to move towards Bath - crossing the Avoncliff Aqueduct
and then on to Dundas...

for lunch.
From Dundas is is a short journey to Bath where we stayed for a couple of days. The womenfolk wanted to do some shopping. I was able to escape this ordeal and stay on the boat and potter about!
As the river was high, we drove along the Avon as best we could, looking at all of the locks as part of our planning to go to Bristol next summer.

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