Monday, 24 September 2012

Semington to Rowde

Saturday looked as if it was going to be a nice day, but the forecast for Sunday was dire. We went to Semington on Friday evening after work in preparation for our continued journey eastwards.
Saturday did turn out nice. Semington, up two locks, then over the busy A350 on the new aqueduct, then two (or is it three?) swing bridges to Seend. Looking at the time, we needed to carry on, so, up through the five locks at Seend.
This is Sells Green Swing Bridge...
Then on to Sells Green. This always looks like an utterley idyllic spot to me. Maybe it is because we have always been through when the sun was shining!
Then on past Foxhangers to the start of the hill. Only six locks to go until we reach our mooring for the night. Good place to stop in preparation for the Caen Hill ascent. I caught a bus back to Semington to collect the car.
Sunday - it rained! Lit the fire to keep warm and sat and read various books, papers and did puzzles.

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