Monday, 13 May 2013

April showers - in May!

I was going to say that I had a bit of a wasted weekend on the boat due to April showers in May, but then I thought... A weekend on the boat is never a waste of time!
I really wanted to paint the roof with gloss to protect my grey undercoat, but rain was promised. So I decided to do other little indoor jobs - the shower drain tray and its float pump had stopped working some months ago and I had taken it home, cleaned it and now it was OK. So, whilst it was raining I fitted it back into the bilge under the loo. Would it work in-situ, would it hell. I replaced all the ageing wiring, still it would not work, so out it came again, back home.
A bit of sunshine - not looking promising enough for gloss paint so scraped rust off the gunwale and did the 'anti-rust' treatment. Just ready to add primer and it rained again.
Under the bow section (and to the aft of the forward water tank) is the paint locker, accessible from behind the steps. Decided to fill in time by emptying the paint locker, doing an inventory and then putting it all back in some semblance of order.
Read quite a bit of my current book too! At least it was a relaxing weekend. Let's hope the weather improves soon.

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