Monday, 15 July 2013

Another scorcher...

It was another scorcher of a weekend in Bradford-on-Avon. I want to remind myself, later in the year, that we did have some very hot weekends. It is easy to forget when we are in the depths of Autumnal/Winter gloom, that we did have some beautiful, hot weeks during the summer.
The swan with her cygnets, about two posts below: we fed the three of them on Saturday, come Sunday - only one cygnet. The smaller of the two was no longer with her. Don't know what happened to it. They came ashore for the night about 6 boats down from us, nothing to be seen of the little'un. Sad, but that's nature.
It is the time of year when all sorts of things go on. There was a canoeing regatta from Pack-Horse Bridge:
Getting ready...
And they're off!
Later, we could hear some sea shanties being sung. Gradually getting louder...
They sang their way to the park below the Tithe Barn and entertained the crowds.
Some pirates arrived in this small craft, they too entertained the children in the park below.

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  1. You could print the name of your boat and stick it in the window as a temporary measure.
    Great to see you both enjoying life on the cut.