Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Slowly moving eastwards...

It is not often that you can get your car this close to your boat!
View from Galley window
The road runs parallel to the canal for a while and the parking is easy. Lovely place to stop. It made loading a few coal-bags easy.
The maintenance season has started. I have just fitted an inverter/charger/UPS and am currently wiring it in. The unit sits just above the battery locker to keep the cable runs as short as possible. Engine maintenance is due shortly and I think this winter's project may well be one of sorting out the battery locker so that I can get three leisure and the engine starter battery into the space. Whilst the battery locker is out, being rebuilt I will continue with painting the engine space with Danboline. Just go to hope for the right weather. So much to do...

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