Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hungerford and beyond

We arrived in Hungerford just before the first kayak. I later found out that the start of the race was delayed because of an unfortunate incident in Devizes,
 The first kayak through Hungerford. Running past us to 'portage' past Hungerford Town Lock. As time went on the number of kayaks per minute increased to we went for a walk around the town...
 past Hungerford Wharf and then up the main street, on the lookout for a nice pub or restaurant for our evening meal.
We decided to make an early start on Saturday morning to get ahead of any remaining kayaks and moved on towards Kintbury. I had to walk back to Hungerford to fetch the car and noticed several breaches of the bank. I foresee a problem!
Breached towpath bank between Kintbury & Hungerford

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