Friday, 11 July 2014

Up the Grand Union to Rickmansworth

We went east as far as Sturt's Lock before turning back. We then had to negotiate the Camden locks on a lovely, sunny Sunday afternoon with a massive audience some of whom were a little the worse for wear.

Alison at Sturt's Lock

Part of the reception committee at Camden

Most watched

Some waved
 I was photographing them photographing me. We all smiled and waved to each other.
But they all smiled

The Gondolier punted and the guitar player played

The Lord Snowdon designed aviary at London Zoo

His plastic boat was not big enough so he added a raft and then a dinghy

We are now out of the Paddington Arm and on the GU proper, heading north
The inauspicious entrance to the Slough Arm

Denham Deep lock

This swan family came for their breakfast

I think this means 'No Trespassing'!

Eventually he did show off properly to his 'Ladies'.
As you leave Uxbridge everything just gets better. We can relax a bit now we are on canals we understand. Plenty of space to stop and moor and even some places to park the car.

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