Thursday, 11 September 2014

A few days of work at Napton

The weather forecast was set fair, just what I needed for a few days of painting and other outdoor jobs on Constance. Bearing in mind that Constance was built in 1980, the most recent hull survey found that the vent in the bottom of the gas locker was not at the bottom of the gas locker and constituted a failure of the Boat Safety Scheme. At that time it was impossible to tell how far from the bottom this hole was, just that it was not at the bottom.
So I removed the gas bottles and all of the bricks that made up the ballast and built the bed for the gas bottles to sit on and eventually go to the bottom of things. In a way it is a good job that I did because if it had been left much longer it would have been a very severe rusting problem.
With the gas bottle locker now completely empty I could see that the vent was about two-and-a-half inches up from the bottom. I removed as much of the loose rust as possible. The locker was (fortunately) absolutely dry, so I painted it with a very generous layer of 'boat blacking' and left it to dry.
The nest day I went to B&Q in Coventry to buy some sand and pre-mixed concrete. The sand was laid on top of the (almost) dry boat blacking and the concrete poured over the sand and smoothed down to make a reasonably level top with a drain-way to the drain-hole.
A nice peaceful place to work

A layer of concrete setting in the bottom of the gas locker
 Once the issue of the gas locker was sorted it was time to get on with painting. First there was some rubbing down to do. Getting rid of some of the little rusty pock marks that boats have. All suitably treated...
Rust removed and treated
 ... it was on with the undercoat layers. So far, two layers.
A grey-sided Constance
The next job is to get the Isopon and fill some of the worst of the pock marks, then more undercoat and see what she looks like before applying gloss.


  1. My goodness you do have a lot of energy. All that walking and working. I think it may be good to put a coat of blacking on top of that concrete to seal it at least round the edges!

  2. Yes, I will be doing that. Firstly I want to put a smooth layer of finer concrete (more like mortar) over it to smooth it out before giving it a good coat of blacking! Colin