Monday, 7 March 2016

Back on the cut - Hooray!

Constance was due to leave the Fenny Compton Marina by the end of February. I was not quite quick enough to take a 'selfie' of my smile as I left the marina and headed south. Just to be back on the cut with the wind in my face felt marvellous.
A vacant berth
Going out...
Claydon Top Lock - a lovely spot to pause

A little dickie bird told me that Ann & Chas were on boars Moore to Life in Cropredy Marina. This called for a visit to them, tea and cookies etc. I had not seen them for some while, nor had I seen the new M2L so it was a good afternoon session.
The next afternoon I was in Cropredy and they returned the compliment. They had never seen Constance so they brought cake! It was great to see them.
The next move was to Banbury where I caught up with Maffi and had a long chat with him. I replaced the leisure batteries as I had been nursing them along for several years. Booked a blacking with Tooley's for later in the year. loafed around Banbury. Great week!
Beautiful pairs of swans in peak condition

They wanted feeding in Banbury

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