Friday, 27 May 2016

And into Tooley's at long last

It seems like ages ago that I booked Constance into Tooley's for a bottom blacking. All the stalling for time, a couple of miles a day, anyway the time has come.

Sign on the road bridge at Twyford Wharf
Made my way from Twyford Wharf up to Tramway, then up through Banbury to the turning point, then down to the Castle Quay shopping centre.
New board to stand on, the old one rotted away!
At the appointed hour, well maybe a little bit earlier, it was time to enter the dry dock facility.

Into Tooley's
 The depth of water over the cill is not great. It was 'full-ahead' and scrape the barnacles off the flat bottom! Even had to take on human ballast in the bow to tip the boat up to get the stern over the bar.
Being secured

Dropping the boards in

Tide going down

Stern view with pressure-washing in progress

Bow view


  1. That dry dock has a long history. A privilege to be in there! Hope all goes well.

  2. Been in, come out again. Looking better! Good job done