Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I have bought some sheets of pine veneered MDF to re-fit (re-decorate) the inside of Constance. Currently the walls are covered in a layer of carpet which is now 17 years old, faded and giving off a lot of dust as it moults. My next move is to strip off the carpet and replace it with the veneered MDF. The outlet from which I purchased the sheets were happy to cut the 4 8'x4's in half so I have 8 off 4'x4' sheets which are much more manageable.

The 4'x4' sheets were scattered around the garden, stood on anything that would raise them off the ground and varnished during the only dry day this week. The varnish is a quick drying type and I was able to get one coat on each side. They will go up to the boat next week and be fitted. Then extra coats of varnish will be applied to the side that shows, as required.
But, I could not help but notice that the volume of bird song has gone up a lot this last couple of days. Yes, it really is time to mark territory and find a mate. Spring is coming, hurrah!

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