Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mothering Sunday

I think my last post was made before I left Fenny Compton Marina.
My next move was out of the Marina and heading south. I needed to be about a mile south of Twyford Wharf for the weekend 11th/12th March for my radio contest. The place carefully chosen as a 'radio quiet' location. There are no houses, railways or power lines nearby so the 'noise floor' is low. I successfully did my contest and moved on further south eventually stopping at Upper Heyford.
Judy, Alison (who had made a lovely cake) and myself came to Upper Heyford to continue our journey south. We stayed the night just below Pigeons Lock as there was a slight delay in the opening of Shipton Weir Lock. When we came to move on there was a little bit of a backlog of boats waiting for the locks.
By now it was Mothering Sunday.
We met up with David (bearing a bunch of flowers) just at the lift bridge above Shipton on Cherwell.
We all enjoyed our lunch (and cake) on board before David & I set off to do a car shuffle.
Later we moved down to Kidlington. In the evening we had a curry take-away. It is so nice to have all the family together for the day...

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