Thursday, 13 July 2017

and back!

We enjoyed the Ashby canal with its rural nature but we had to find public transport to get us back to our car which was at Fenny Compton Wharf. (more of that later)
 We visited 'The Battlefield Line' (1485) and saw this lovely little Hunslet Saddle Tank locomotive arrive at Shackerstone Station.
A beautiful 'Midland Railway' motif in the wall

They use 'dirty coal' - loads of smoke as it made its way back down the line.

Shackerstone Church

Shackerstone Wharf

Stoke Golding Church

and inside
To get back to Fenny Compton using public transport:
1 - Catch a bus as Bedworth to Coventry City Centre
2 - Catch a bus to Rugby Clifton Road
3 - Catch the Leamington Spa bus and get off at Southam outside the 'Bowling Green' pub. By now is was hissing down with rain.
4 - Phone the taxi firm you had looked up on the Internet (only to find they had gone bust), talk to locals in the pub whilst sheltering from the rain. Organise taxi to Fenny Compton Wharf.
5 - Arrive at Fenny Compton Wharf.
It took about 4 hours to make the journey but with our OAP Bus Passes the only cost was a tenner for the taxi. Shouldn't grumble.
6 - Get in car and drive back to Bedworth. (40 minutes) in time for tea!

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