Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tamworth and beyond...

We went back to Marston Junction and moved slowly northwards on out journey. We passed through Nuneaton. We stopped by the wide bit to look at the little parade of shops that face the canal. Some were slightly derelict, some were closed. The open ones were a Polish Store and a flower shop. We weren't going to get a meals anywhere near there...
We moved to just above Springwood Marina and had a quiet night in the countryside.
The next day we moved on to Atherstone and went shopping. Down the Atherstone flight and stopped, again in the open country just above Lock 10.
The following morning we called in at the Bradley Green services before stopping at Polesworth, by the playing fields. We went for a walk around Polesworth and saw the site of the Abbey etc., unfortunately the church was closed (even though it said it was open).
During our stay at Polesworth we caught a bust back to Nuneaton and then to Bedworth (Marston) to collect the car and took it to Hopwas. Then we took the boat to Hopwas.
I don't think I took any pictures, must have forgotten!


  1. Hi there.
    I'm really interested in the origins of the NB Constance. A relative of mine might have lived on it! Of course it might have been another NB Constance ?
    It is possible you could give me some details when you bought and where you bought her ?
    Many thanks

  2. Our NB Constance (500076) was bought by us in 2009, having come the year before from somewhere up near Milton Keynes. She was 'stretched' in 2000 from 28-36'. I have more information if you need. Colin

    1. Hi Colin - I wonder there are 2 NB-Constances The one I was looking for was at Cowley Moorings Hillingdon in around 2010-2014

    2. No, I owned NB Constance 500076 by then. Sorry I cannot help any further. Bought 2009, still mine, currently somewhere near Tamworth but continuous cruising, will be in Banbury area later in the year.

  3. Thank. It's been super helpful :)
    It doesn't sound a bad life, cruising up and down canals and rivers with the odd pub stop.

  4. Hi Colin
    How can I send you an email ? I think I got my dates wrong and would be interested to know if you hand the old owners details/names ?