Thursday, 15 July 2010

Devizes to Semington

Devizes (Caen Hill) lock flight due to re-open on Saturday 10th July. We joined Contance at Coate Bridge on Friday eveing and took her to Devizes Wharf and joined the queue. Saturday morning we started off downhill.
After a couple of hours we had made it to the bottom of the main Caen Hill flight and paused for a moment to look back.
By evening we had arrived at Sells Green and stayed for the night.
Sunday morning we set off for Seend Cleeve, by the Barge Inn for water and Loo stop.

By mid afternoon it was almost unbearably hot so we pulled in to have 'Tea & Cake' and a rest. There was a boat ahead of us, similarly moored for refreshments. We recognised them as friends from our local village. The Bishop family had joined Jane on 'About Time' (normally moored near us at Great Bedwyn) for a day trip. It is a small world!
Rosie and Gordon, with windlasses, ready to set the next lock for 'About Time'
As the day cooled, we moved on and stopped at Semington, near where the Wilts & Berks canal used to be.

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