Monday, 16 August 2010

Bathampton to Bath

Heather must have enjoyed her Sunday on Constance - she came back and spent two nights and a day on board the following week.
On Friday I prepared a sheet of 18mm plywood for the deck on which one stands whilst steering. Last weekend it had given way due to being almost completely rotten. The ply would need painting.
On Saturday it rained on and off for mst of the day. I managed to get the board primed and undercoated on both sides but as soon as I finished the second side of undercoat, the heavens opened. The surface of the paint look like the surface of the moon, Never mind, nobody will see it, it was the underside.
Painting at Bathampton.
Sunday was an altogether better day - warm and sunny. We decided to move on towards Bath.
Another part of the journey through delightful countryside, then into what is probably the grandest entrance any canal has as it goes into Bath.

The second of the wrought iron bridges of Sydney Gardens with Cleveland House in the background.
We made our way as far as Widcombe Top Lock, had lunch, a quick visit to the shops and then back a mile or so to find some un-restricted mooring. We are still close enough to walk into Bath. What an idyllic loaction!

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