Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Safely home at last!

Saturday was spent in the bowels of the boat.
All the engine covers were off, the back bit where you stand when steering (don't know its name) was up.
Then it was into the loo - a cramped space at the best of times. The engine panel that made up the lower half of the loo wall had to come out. Now, I don't think this has ever been out before. It was a major work-up including chiselling away at some of the wood to get this panel out.

Eventually the panel was out and the 'dark side' of the engine was visible. Never seen this side before - the side with the fuel pump, sedimenter, air intake etc.
With the fuel shut off - first the sedimenter was removed and cleaned, then the fuel pump was changed, then the fuel filter on the back of the engine.
When all was rebuilt, the fuel was turned back on, the sedimenter bled, the fuel pump operated by hand to fill the fuel filter. Then bleed the two screws on the DPA pump, then the injectors.
Sounds easy doesn't it???
Glowplugs for 30 seconds and a pretty immediate coughing into life. Success!
Ran the engine for half an hour or so, listening for any changes in note etc. All seems to be OK.
Now the big tidy up...

Sunday - beautiful sunny, frosty morning, engine started perfectly!
Easy trip to Great Bedwyn and the home mooring.
Spent the rest of the day finishing the tidying up and getting the last engine panel back in place. That meant struggling in the loo again.

Later tried to start the engine again - OK!

All successful.

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