Monday, 29 October 2012

Winter planning...

Saturday was a beautiful, if cold day, Sunday was the more usual grey from start to finish.
Now Constance is safely back on her home mooring it is time to plan the winter projects. There are a number of things I want to do.
We have a hot water system - a calorifier which is heated from the engine and this works well but only during days when we are out cruising.
Here is my brand new Twin-Coil Calorifier. This will fit in place of the existing calorifier as the dimensions are about the same, but it holds 50% more water. It should be a relatively easy job to swap the existing water connections over, then the longer term job of installing the Eberspacher Hot water system. This will require a 1" hole through the skin for the exhaust pipe.

Other jobs - the 12V fuse board is suffering from age - the links are breaking (brass dying) and the fuse terminals are getting resistive. This will have to be changed to one of a newer style before the Eberspacher is installed because there are no spare fuses on the current set up.

Church Lock is leaking...
If the lower gates are shut and the paddles lowered Chuch Lock fills easily. The problem is that the bottom gates are supposed to be left open. This means the pound above drains down overnight and we all take a list as we settle on the sloping canal bed. Not very comfortable for sleeping!

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