Sunday, 22 December 2013

To Devizes

It was one of those lovely sunny late autumn (early winter?) days. I caught buses to Pewsey and then walked to Wilcot. After a quick lunch I started the engine and moved off. It was not long before I passed through the lovely sunny Wilcot Wide Water. I could easily have been tempted to stay there as there was nobody there, it was wonderfully quiet and peaceful. I carried on, however, past Honey Street, the two swing bridges and arrived at 'The Bridge Inn' at Horton just as it was getting too dark to see. Yes, I did venture in for a pint in the latter part of the evening. I was in bed early as I needed to make an early start.
As the weather forecast correctly said, it was fine in the earlier part of the morning and was getting greyer as I neared Devizes.
Devizes Marina
By the time I had emptied the loo at Devizes Wharf and moored on the 72 hour moorings it had started to rain. As the day went on it got worse. By early evening it was blowing a gale and the rain was lashing. Lovely and warm inside!
Next morning it was all calm and sunshine so I moved from the 72 hour mooring down below the wharf.
First lock below Devizes Wharf
Now I can moor with no restrictions (OK - other than the normal 14 day), all I need is spot where the solar panel can see the sun!

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