Monday, 30 December 2013

'Twas a cold & frosty morning!

The next day after our aborted attempt to get down the Caen Hill Flight the weather was foul so we stayed home. Sunday was better. Rather than rake the family out of be early again (and risk more wrath!) I went to Caen Hill to check that everything was open.
A thick hoar frost covering Constance
With the family alerted to the OK, it was time to get the fire going before setting off. I set the first couple of locks in my favour and started the engine with the first click of the starter. Good stuff that 'Cetane Enhancer'.
Still a thick frost - on the way down
I managed to do at least 4 locks on my own before the family caught up with me. From then on it was a lot easier. I was able to stay on board and let the others set the locks and open/close the gates. It was a lot safer too.
With the day's work done - a quick look back up the Caen Hill Lock Flight
Beautiful sunshine all day even though it was cold. That is quite a magnificent view, looking up the lock flight. I am amazed at the perfect alignments and spacings of all the locks.

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