Friday, 20 June 2014

Aldermaston to the Thames

After Aldermaston we spent a few days at Tyle Mill before moving off through (among others) Garston Lock. This is the other example of a turf sided lock.

Then on to Fobney Lock. This caused us a bit of a problem as it was leaking faster than it was filling and took a lot of effort to pass through. Then you have the strong stream flows either side of the lock tail to deal with.
Filling Fobney Lock

The Mill Stream gets you from the left, the river from the right!
Then on into Reading with a passage through County Lock.
County Lock - Reading
Now we wait for the traffic lights to go green and its off down the roller-coaster ride through the Oracle Shopping Centre. We were too fast for the dinosaurs to catch us!
Into the Oracle shopping centre...

And out the other side. Now only Blake's Lock and we are on to the Thames.
The Thames is just through the bridges!

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