Sunday, 1 June 2014

Stalling for time

I see that I have not blogged for a while. That does not mean that we have not been to Constance and moved along the canal. We are stalling for time. We are not ready to go out on to the River Thames yet. This means staying on the K&A for a while longer. We stopped for a while by Midgham Lock, whilst we were there we saw this little steam yacht.
They've just put on some dirty coal!


She left at speed but hardly a ripple.

Judy operating one of the many swing bridges

Woolhampton Swing Bridge

Aldermaston Wharf Lock with its curved sides

Lookout! Strong currents!

A bit of leakage!

Aldermaston Lift Bridge
These electric bridges make life easier but they do hold up the traffic so you need to be quick.

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  1. So pleased you have got through to Aldermaston and beyond. Those gates seem to be holding after too many years!