Friday, 16 January 2015

Just doddling about...

I have made many visits to Constance over the past few weeks, just nothing really to take photos of. The bathroom is pretty much finished, The central heating still does not work, which does not particularly bother me. It would be nice but it is not essential.
I have done the engine service - oil/filter changes, de-coked the glow-plugs etc., so ready for the off, whenever that may be. The last few weeks have been spent between Thrupp and Dukes Cut, which is nice because that is nearest home for travel purposes.
The other day the engine battery gave out completely so that has been replaced. It has lasted well (it was on the boat when I bought her over 5 years ago) so I am not complaining. A slight modification to the battery locker was required to accommodate the new battery, but this change will allow me to fit a 3rd leisure battery should I so wish.
Did a towpath litter pick a couple of weeks ago and left the rubbish on the rear deck overnight. Rats! Bl**dy rats trashed the bin-liner and strewed the rubbish everywhere. I won't make that mistake again. Did a litter pick again on Tuesday but got rid of the rubbish straight away! Learning curve here...
It is noticeable that the evenings have started to draw out. Roll on the better weather!

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