Wednesday, 10 December 2014

That's better!

I have made a couple of visits to Constance over the last few weeks. I cannot get the central heating to work properly. It is not the Eberspacher boiler - that works fine. The problem is one of circulation. I think I must have either an air-lock or a blockage because I cannot get the water to circulate.
That said, the bathroom shelving is now finished.
 There is space in the bottom shelf for one of the loo cassettes to sit out of the way.
Two upper shelves and a lower shelf for the spare loo cassette

 Loo cassette on the shelf at the back and one stood in front. All neatly stowed away and still space for 'loo blue' etc. The dark grey is the engine cooling tank and I have noticed that the engine is not getting quite as warm as it was and the swim tank warms. This suggests to me that the engine's thermostat has failed. Another job to do...
With the loo in front as it was before. All of the engine room spaces are now blocked off so the engine fumes should not be so strong whilst the engine is running. There is now plenty of room on the upper shelves for all the normal 'bathroom' things - wash-bags, soap, shampoo and spare loo rolls.
I am still in the area just to the north of the city of Oxford. David comes to see me every time I come up to Constance and we have a meal together, then do all of the puzzles in the 'i' newspaper.


  1. You would have bleed the rads, There may should be a bleed screw on the boiler. Also should have a topup tank above the height of the rads and boiler. 50%antifreeze. May also be a bleed screw near the hot tank. Did it work last year, wot has changed? Chas

  2. I am not sure what the problem is. It is all new layout for the pipe/radiator runs. I need to drain it all down and test the individual elements, then build it back up again. I think I night have a blockage somewhere that it need to rule out. Colin

  3. Thanks for your comment. Getting better thanks, Colin. **Happy Christmas**