Friday, 24 April 2015

Lovely weather

Haven't we had some lovely boating weather recently? Did manage to get some sunny boating done and thoroughly enjoyed it too.
Moved northwards past Enslow, to Pigeons Lock for a sort stay. When I decided to move on, Lock 38 (Northbrook lock) it decided not to play ball. The gate would not open fully and Constance got jammed in the lower gate. Canal & River Trust Engineers were on site within about a half-an-hour of being called. They dispersed a whole load of silt and plant matter trapped behind the gate.

Impending problem at Lock 38
 Once through Lock 38 and a quick fuel top-up from 'Dusty', it was plain sailing again towards lower Heyford.
Lower Heyford
Constance is moored about as close to the railway line as can be. When the goods trains rumble by it shakes the ground, which in turn shakes the canal water and then the boat. Luckily the trains seem to be a lot fewer at night, otherwise there would be little sleep! Might have to move on soon.

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