Sunday, 31 May 2015

The first Bank Holiday in May

Towards the end of April Judy & went to Lower Heyford to join Constance for a few days. As leaving the car at LH is difficult we moved the car away to somewhere quiet, but within easy walking distance where it could be left for a few days.
It is always reassuring to know your on the right canal!
Entering Somerton Deep Lock
The house at Somerton Deep
After a couple of pleasant days in LH we moved up to Aynho and stopped by the wharf for the night. The next morning we woke to heavy rain so we sat tight until the day brightened in the afternoon. We continued our slow journey north through Aynho weir lock and under Nell's Bridge and stopped opposite the farm just above Nell's Bridge Lock. The evening was nice and sunny so we went for a walk.
Constance at Aynho Wharf
Lift bridge above Aynho
Aynho weir lock
Aynho weir lock
Aynho weir lock
The farm above Nell's Bridge Lock
Thursday was much cooler with a chilly wind so we moved up to Banbury and stopped beside the railway station. Over the weekend I caught the train back to LH to fetch the car. Judy went shopping in Banbury. We went to the Mill Arts Centre to see a stand-up comedian. His style was to put his slant on life and in particular the election and the politicians. He was brilliant!
The Mill Arts Centre Banbury
We explored Banbury, saw the cross (as one has to), had a look round St. Marys Church up on Horse Fair and in the evening David & Bettie came and joined us for a meal in a local restaurant.
It was time to move on, so after early rain we moved up to the sani-station, emptied the loos and took on fresh water. We went slowly through the shopping centre, past Tooley's Boat Yard and made our way up to a point about a mile south of Cropredy.
Banbury sani-station

Banbury Lock

Banbury Tooley's

The donkeys were having their breakfast

May en-masse!

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