Monday, 29 April 2013

Down the hill!

Friday evening Judy and Alison joined me on the boat at Devizes in preparation for the descent of the Caen Hill flight of locks.
Saturday morning, bright and early Mum & Heather joined us. Alison was eating her breakfast & I was on my way into Devizes to buy fresh bread & rolls for lunch. The idea behind the bread rolls is that it is easy to make up a roll and pass it out to one of the 'locking crew'. By the time we got to the bottom it was mid afternoon.
The view back up the Caen Hill Lock Flight on a dull afternoon.
The weather was a bit variable with the odd April Shower so we decided to go for a short walk and then stay on board for a meal. Heather, Mum and Alison went home leaving Judy and myself on board.
Sunday we went down the remaining six locks to Foxhangers.
Peering out through Foxhangers Lock to the place where the Fox Hire Boats live.

Then on though between the piers of the old railway and on to Sells Green.

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