Tuesday, 23 April 2013

To Devizes Wharf

Sunday morning started of lovely and sunny! One of the local swans came begging...
Then it was move on, under 'Ladies Bridge' and on to Honey Street for lunch. There must have been a hippy music festival going on last night, there were signs of packing up and hangovers. The Barge Inn appears to be open again though I did not partake.
There were more clouds in the sky and the wind was getting keener so I pushed on to All Cannings and stopped. There I took a walk to the village, looked at the shop and the pub. Interestingly the local telephone box (abandoned by BT) is the local lending library!
Moving on towards Devizes as it was getting colder and duller. By the time I arrived at Devizes Wharf it was very cold and slightly damp. I was pleased to get inside and warm up.

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