Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Good Bye Great Bedwyn

Friday - I used my Age Concession Bus Pass to make the journey from home to Great Bedwyn. This was so that I did not have a car to worry about as I moved westward. So, it was goodbye to my mooring above Church Lock...
Heading past Crofton...
And stopping for the night in a remote spot.
At dusk I was rewarded with a prolonged sighting of a Barn Owl swooping along the opposite bank hunting for a meal.
Saturday morning it was off down the Wootton Rivers flight and on towards Pewsey.

Just before Pewsey warnings of dredging!
And a dredger!
And proof of their endeavours, newly made up banks and towpath.
It was such a nice afternoon I stopped, walked into Pewsey and enjoyed a pint in 'The Waterfront'
'The Waterfront' at Pewsey Wharf.
My stop for the night was at Wilcot Wide Water, it was wonderfully peaceful...


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