Monday, 24 June 2013

A bit of painting and fishing...

Whilst I am waiting for the porthole liner to arrive I felt it was time to spruce up the bathroom, particularly as you could now see how drab it was. The eggshell blue is now white undercoat. Two coats. The weather was not reliable enough for outside painting so only one coat (the second black undercoat) has been applied to the gunwales. Progress is being made slowly.
Once the porthole was in place it broke up the name Constance on the side. Constance had become CON NCE. The vinyl lettering peeled off easier than I expected.
CON NCE duly removed, oops - photographer showing in porthole!

One of the mother ducks nearby had 10 ducklings!
It may be a slightly blurry picture, but the little duckling move so quickly.
On Sunday afternoon as I was about to move to a different mooring I heard a commotion outside. A young lad (7/8 years old) had fallen in the canal. By the time I got out of the front his father had managed to get the lad out of the canal. I was able to supply some towels to get him a little bit dry as it was not very warm. Then he said 'what about my bike?'
Armed with a boat hook I went fishing and after a bit of trawling around I caught a bike! No damage done, the lad was fine and they all rode off together.

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