Monday, 10 June 2013

Let there be light - well in the Loo anyway!

One of the oddities/downside of Constance was that the loo had no natural light. Ventilation was also very poor. The mushroom vent above the loo was not correctly aligned with the hole in the roof, further reducing any air changes. This lack of ventilation was much more apparent when (and shortly after) running the engine as the little room tended to fill with diesel/hot engine fumes. Also, you always had to use the light to see what you were doing! So, I bought a porthole from Pro-Cast of Nottingham. It arrived a few days ago and I took it with me this last weekend. Here is a bit of a 'blow-by-blow' account...
This was the panel before I started

Working out the correct positioning for the porthole

First, centre hole drilled, then 4 more at the hour, half & quarter hour positions, then 4 quarter arcs cut with a jig-saw. There was a 285mm diameter hole in the side!

With fibre-glass insulation removed and the porthole in place

The finished job, sealed with 'Sika-flex' and all of the screw slots aligned! Glass in.

The finished job - I was really chuffed.

Now all I have to do is sort out the inside. A number of the wall tiles need to be shaped to fit the porthole liner. It is great to have light and ventilation in the loo!

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