Monday, 3 June 2013

Bathampton, Claverton & Malmesbury

Bank Holiday Monday was taken up with shopping in Bath. Well, Judy was shopping and I was either wandering around, reading or making use of the 'Man Seats' which can often be found in the entrances to the larger, more organised department stores.
After lunch we walked a little way towards Bathampton and crossed the Avon heading north until we reached the A4. We then walked along the water meadows,
stopping for a look at the weir

and Bathampton Mill

before going on towards the Bathampton Toll Bridge.

Tuesday it rained pretty much all day. We stayed aboard and read our respective books and generally chilled out. By about 7pm there was a small weather-eye so we took the opportunity to trot into Bath and had a lovely pizza near Pulteney Bridge.

Wedensday; we read that on Wednesday's the Claverton Pumping Engine was open to view. We needed to move off our 72 hour mooring so we decide to go to Claverton. Unfortunately, it was closed for maintenance owing to damage sustained during the winter. We had a look at the outside,

and then we walked down to the weir.

As the next winding-hole was Dundas, we proceeded to Dundas, got rid of the 'unwanted' and returned to Bathampton. It started to rain, then it got harder. We stopped near 'The George', dried off and went for a meal.

Thursday - the weather did not look too promising either so we decided to go out for the day. I wandered up to fetch the car. We went off, along the A4 eastbound to Chippenham and then up to Malmesbury. Quick look in the charity shops for books, quick look in the Abbey and then to the town museum. By the time we came out of the museum it was raining again so we went back to the Abbey for afternoon tea.
They do a very good job of catering in Malmesbury Abbey - Recommended!
Then back to Bath and park the car and walk back down the hill to Bathampton.

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