Monday, 19 August 2013

Porthole liner finally in place!

The culmination of the weekend's work is that the porthole liner is now in place. A suitable piece of self-adhesive plastic bath strip was procured from B&Q. This was cut and moulded to the porthole liner to give it the extra depth needed to do the job.
All was sealed with silicon caulking and it looks OK. I am proud of the whole job and the difference it makes to the bathroom. Previously there was no outside light and very little ventilation, now there is a removable porthole. Whilst I had the caulking gun in my hand I re-did the perimeters of the sink and cooker worktops.
During the weekend I moved Constance, first to Claverton Bridge, by Ferry Lane, so I could have the car nearby, then on towards Bath, so I could leave her for the week until Judy & I can get back.

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