Monday, 12 August 2013

The porthole in the loo...

The porthole liner for the loo and a new ignition switch both arrived on Friday. Great excitement. Off I went to Constance to fit them. First I had to remove loose tiles around the opening.
Then the porthole liner was tested - the hole in the wood was too small. Out comes the jig-saw to make the hole half an inch bigger. The porthole liner fits but does not have enough depth to reach through to be sealed to the outer shell of the boat. Anyway, I decided to reshape the cut tiles to fit. Then all the tiles were glued back on to the wall.
Whilst I was fixing tiles to the wall I could see the stern end of a narrow-boat drift slowly by the loo porthole. It was the boat that was (should have been) moored behind me. There was nobody on board and the doors were still locked. Out with the boathook and hammer. Catch the boat (62') and manhandle it back to where it should have been moored. All three of its mooring pins had been ripped out of the ground. Find new places to bang in pins, tighten everything up and hope for the best!
Back to the porthole. The depth of the porthole liner was a problem. I am not sure how to get over that one. It needs to be 1.5" deeper than the one supplied. Back to the drawing board.
Other than that it was a lovely weekend.
The ignition switch has been intermittent ever since I have owned Constance. Finding the 'Glowplug' position was only possible by looking closely and the 'Battery Voltmeter' and watching for a dip the voltage. When moving the key to 'Start' only caused a 'click' to be heard until the key was taken back to 'Off' then back to 'Start'. It is amazing how we learn and live with these foibles. Anyway, I now have a brand new ignition switch that works first time, every time. Hurrah!

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