Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Busy, busy Bank Holiday weekend on the canal

Ok, I should expect it, or rather, hope for it. The weather wasn't too bad for a Bank Holiday weekend. There were masses of hire boaters around, they weren't too bad. The ones to watch are the day boaters. Most of them haven't a clue. Too fast, wrong side of the canal etc.
We stayed in the Bath area, on the end of the esplanade Friday & Saturday, doing a bit of shopping and Raven pie & pint.
On Sunday we decided it was time to move on. We needed water and loo emptying so we moved off...
There was a bit of space along the promenade because one or two had moved on, previously it had been completely full.
We turned at the winding hole at Sydney Wharf and made our way back towards Dundas. The offside bank is very overgrown in many places and this makes the canal seem very narrow.
We had to back up into the offside bank to let this wide-beam through on the approaches to Dundas.
After Dundas it was on to Bradford-on-Avon. It was busy there too, so we stopped behind the Tithe Barn on the restricted area for the night.

@*&*@! RANT - CaRT have allowed a wide-beamed boat (business) to moor on one of the first visitor moorings near the smelly (scented soap?) shop. The congestion at that point has to be seen to be believed. The number of boats waiting to go up BoA lock, then some coming down picking up crew etc. I just do not believe it!!!! RANT OVER!

Sunday we went up through BoA lock, having joined the queue, not quite having to double park with the aforementioned wide-beam, but only just!
Judy had to hold on to the mid-line.

Lunch was a much quieter affair.
Just past the winding hole between Widbrook and Biss. We needed to find somewhere to stop for the night so eventually, reluctantly, we moved on.
Past the Hilperton boat yard until we found somewhere to stop. I cycled back to fetch the car.

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