Sunday, 5 January 2014

Oil change done

It was time to do the oil change. I do not find this an easy operation. I have now converted the old BMC multipart oil filter assembly to a spin-on type. Even this was not quite as straightforward as it seemed. The bolts from the old filter mount were too long for the adaptor and I had to find a nice fat washer to make up the difference. Never mind, that is now done and next time the spin-on will be easy.
NO! The difficult bit is getting the oil out of the sump. Even when the engine oil is warm I find that my lift pump (bought for the purpose) will not 'lift' the oil out. The only way I can get the oil out is to cut four 4-pint milk bottles to make catchers and have a couple more modified 4-pint milk containers to pour the contents of the catchers into to get it al out from under the engine bay. The sump drain is just about as far as I can reach so I always get very messy.
Anyway the job is now done. She runs like a dream.
Upper Foxhangers
Soon we will be off down the Foxhangers flight on our way to Sells Green for water. We just need a day when it is not tipping it down with rain or blowing a full gale!
Happy New Year!

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  1. I wonder why your lift pump does not lift! Tis lifting our spirit just reading boaters blogs. So look forward to warmer calmer months.