Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hull Survey

It is always a nervous time when you have a hull thickness survey done. You cannot see what is going on below the waterline and Constance is now nearly 34 years old. Duly taken in to Semington Dock.

Stop planks dropped in
Constance in position and the water being pumped out

The cleaning process starts with a jet wash
Hull survey under way
 The steel for Constance is known as 6/5/4. That is: 6mm base plate, 5mm hull sides and 4mm cabin top. The readings in chalk above and below omit the decimal point.
Starboard stern section
For a 34 year old boat these readings are pretty good. The anodes need replacing and have been added to the work list. Thanks go to David Williams for doing the hull survey.
More green

As Constance is under cover it was an excellent chance to put some more green paint on the cabin roof.
Constance in dry-dock
We are just waiting for the hull to dry completely so that the blacking can be done.

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