Friday, 10 January 2014

To Sells Green

It is all about 'weather windows' at this time of year.
The sun had been shining, honest!
We have now moved on from Upper Foxhangers and heading down to Foxhangers. At this time of year all of the hire boats are moored up and being serviced.
Judy patiently waiting whilst I take photos.
Two type of electric power.
The solar farm had already generated 16kW of power this morning.
We moved on to Sells Green, took on water and moored beyond the limited area. I walked back and got the car and we drove on to Bradford-on-Avon to see how much water was passing under the bridge.
The river Avon at BoA
The river was flowing well at BoA. looking at the silt on the footpaths it looks as if it had been about four feet higher at its peak. This is quite a contrast for us to see it this way after the summer when it was a quite stream.

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