Friday, 14 November 2014

Something new!

The cratch cover on Constance was fitted in the early part of 2000 and has suffered from the ravages of time. The main deterioration has been due to light. The material has become hardened a little, the green has faded and it has all become a little tatty around the edges. Whilst sharing a lock transit somewhere back in the summer the front gate on my side opened a little more as I exited the lock and the balance beam ripped a long tear in the already aged material.
Gaffer tape (what else?) was used to effect a temporary repair!
We looked back through the records and found that the cratch cover was made by Sparks Marine Trimmers of Aylesbury. We contacted Vernon and he came to Lower Heyford to measure up. We decided at that time to have a dodger and tonneau cover made.
The job has now been done and I must say that we are absolutely delighted.

All now a beautiful green, nicely pliable and with larger transparent windows! Just need to get on with the paint-work...

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