Friday, 14 November 2014

Work continues in the bathroom

The central heating is now all connected up and ready to test. The shelving in the bathroom is coming along slowly. It is the painting that takes forever...

The shelves and the extra space will be far more useful than the old sink was. Out with the paint brush and get to work!


  1. It all takes time, like watching paint dry! Jobs always take time on a boat because what you need is at the wrong end!

  2. Yes, and you need to paint both sides if everything and you need to leave it somewhere it won't get touched (or in the way) for at least 24 hours. Most wood needs Primer, Undercoats 1 & 2 and Gloss coats 1 & 2, then both sides - that's 10 paint jobs per shelf! I have brought a couple of them home to get on a bit quicker!