Thursday, 30 October 2014

An unexpected problem

The improvements to the little bathroom area have started. The little sink has now been removed as we have never used it. The rotten chipboard panel is now out and has given space to get into the area above the swim & the engine cooling swim tank. This area has always been damp and I had always assumed that the damp was coming from the stern area under the wooden decking when it had rained. As the layers of rust were removed there was suddenly a bit of a spurt of water. Another scratch and the spurt turned into a geyser!
Oops! One large and two small holes at the top of the photo
 The swim tank had to be drained a little to get the top surface dry. All of the layers of rust were removed and had anti-rust treatment applied before a couple of layers of fibre glass (car body repair kit) were applied. The finished, cleaned fibre-glass repaired tank top was then painted with Danboline.
Looks better now!
The strip of swim to the right (in the photo above) has not been painted yet because it was not dry enough.


  1. I hope that was the engine coolant water and not canal water! I hope the patch can take the pressure!

  2. That was my thought exactly as I scratched away at the rust! My engine cooling system is non-pressurised so as long as the fibre glass can cope with 50-60 degrees Centigrade I will be OK. The hull swim thickness was excellent according to the recent hull survey.