Friday, 14 August 2015

July 2015 Hawkesbury to Polesworth

We moved northwards along the Coventry Canal. It is difficult to believe that the canal passes through a major 18/19th Century coal mining area. There is very little to see of it today. At Marston Junction one passes the start of the Ashby Canal. Will save that excursion for another year...
Then past Nuneaton and on the Atherstone. The lock keeping volunteers were most helpful on our way down the Atherstone flight of locks. Spent a couple of nights near Bradley Green, fetched the car from Fenny Compton and went on to Polesworth, from whence we came home.
Some canalside art

Near Bedworth

The starting point for the Ashby canal

Unusual today, but the canals of old would have been lined with these

A seemingly remote marina near Hartshill

The old BW Works

Atherstone Locks

Atherstone Locks

The marina just north of Atherstone

Mum enjoyed herself on holiday

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