Friday, 14 August 2015

June 2015

Hmmm! Thought it was about time I caught up...

June 2015 - visited twice during June, only short visits to move Constance a little further north. So we moved from just above the Cropredy Marina to Claydon middle lock then on a second visit we moved on to Hay Bridge.
You don't see many wind-pumps any more

Or scarecrows

A novel way to moor a boat

At least you could see it

Claydon middle lock

Constance just below Hay Bridge

We did not want to go too far because for the last 10 days of June we were going on holiday to Italy.
Italy: We flew out to Pisa from Gatwick, hired a car and drove up to Cerri, which is about 3 miles east of Lerici and on the hills about Romita Magra. Cerri is a lovely little village and the house we were staying in was lovely and had magnificent views all round. We could see the sea above Lerici, the hills of Carrara (where they mine out the Carrara marble) and the town of Sarzana.
Whilst there we visited Lerici, Sarzana, Boca de Magra (for the beach), caught the train (1) to Florence and had a good look round and (2) to Pisa where we took the obligatory photos of the leaning tower. It was too hot for me...

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